Rate conditions for active and reactive electric energy in higher season (winter – VS) are applied from October 1st till March 31st, according to part of a day:

- Higher rate (VT) from 06.00 till 22.00h

- Lower rate (MT*) from 22.00 till 06.00h

In keeping with rules of time counting, inserted meters are not changed, and rate conditions are applied in lower season (summer –NS), according to part of a day:

- Higher rate (VT) from 07.00 till 23.00h

- Lower rate (MT*) from 23.00 till 07.00h


Estimated power Higher rate (VT) Lower rate (MT*) Reactive energy
10 kV 7.55 0.0621 0.0310 0.0248
35 kV 6.15 0.0603 0.0302 0.0209
110 kV 6.63 0.0596 0.0298 0.0170


*Electric energy that is delivered on Saturday and Sunday (from Friday at 22 (23)h to Monday at 6 (7)h) and during public holidays is calculated by lower rate conditions (MT) if the customers provide such measuring.

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