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Elektrokrajina stk. comp. Banja Luka has 1.514 employees, and those are data from December 31st 2006. There are 208 or 13,74% highly educated employees.

Qualification structure:


Age structure:

Age structure of employees shows the greatest participation of people at age from 41 to 65 what justifies actual management’s tendency to employ younger people and to improve the employees professionally.

Therefore, some activities are intensified like giving scholarships for certain number of students at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and other faculties. Also, management’s activities are intensified in education of employees in the system as well as scholars and volunteers, because we think that professional education of employees represents real fortune.                              


Sex structure:

In this structure there are more men than women, so out of 1.514 employees, 1.143 or 75,5% are men.