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Working as integral part of Mixed Holding Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske, Elektrokrajina stk. comp. wants to participate in the process of restructuring and further development of energetic sector of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Primarily, our aim is to improve all financial results in business.

Beside the activities focused on improvement of financial results in business by reducing distributive losses and the activities focused on increasing of charging for electric energy, Elektrokrajina stk. comp. will focus on modernization of business system, information technologies, introduction of quality systems and respecting of international standards. Quality human resources will be bearers of all this. Elektrokrajina stk. comp. has to hold its position of the main distributor and supplier on the market of Republic of Srpska in conditions of near liberalization of energetic market in Europe.

In the following period, business of Elektrokrajina stk. comp. has to be completely based on respecting of market principles and transparency at work. In that sense, we already paid attention on relations with consumers, public relations and we will continue with that in the future and with the aim to get positive reputation and image.