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Elektrokrajina is organized in 10 Working units (10 RJ), and all company’s functions are united at the level of Company’s Directorate which is placed in Banja Luka.

Working units that are dealing with distribution and supplying with electric energy are:


– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Banja Luka

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Prijedor

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Gradiška

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Novi Grad

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Kozarska Dubica

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Prnjavor

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Mrkonjić Grad

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Laktaši

– RJ „Elektrodistribucija“, Srbac


Working unit for common work that includes maintenance and construction of the primary electric-distributive objects is:

– RJ „Elektroizgradnja i održavanje“, Banja Luka