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Primary activity

Distribution, buying, selling and trading with electric energy. Beside that, the company performs projecting, constructing and maintenance of electric-power objects.


Under different names and various forms of organization, Elektrokrajina has been in business since April 1947. At that time, Electric company Banja Luka was established by decision of Government of National Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the first electric-power organization established in this area. Dependent state company “Elektrokrajina” p.o. Banja Luka was established in August 17th 1992 by decision of JMDP “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” (Public mixed state company “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske”). Lately, Dependent state company Elektrokrajina p.o. Banja Luka (ZDP “Elektrokrajina” p.o. Banja Luka) was transformed in stock-company (Elektrokrajina stk. comp. Banja Luka) in September 14th 2005 and it was registered in court register no. U-I-277/05. It was done on the basis of Resolution of changing of organizational forms in keeping with regulations of Law of privatization of state capital in companies. Directorate for privatization RS gave information about performed privatization of one part of state capital number 636-01/99, and it was dated December 6th 2002. Decision of Main court in Banja Luka was dated June 8th 2007 (mark and number of Court registration: 071-0-Reg-07-000386), in keeping with Resolutions of Government RS (no. 02/1-020-60/06 and it was dated December 31st 2005 and 04/1-012-1966/06 was dated September 7th 2006) transformed the company into Mixed Holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” stock-company Trebinje; Dependent company “Elektrokrajina” stock-company Banja Luka (short name: MH ERS-Registry company stk. comp. Trebinje; Dependent Company “Elektrokrajina” stk. comp. Banja Luka).